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Assessment & Evaluation

The feedback that I have received has mostly come from my students. At UVIC, student Course Experience Surveys are helpful in demonstrating to me what some students are experiencing and whether or not I am meeting their learning needs. Here are copies of the CES for EDCI 404 Summer 2020 and EDCI 591E Summer 2020. Please let me know if you would like to see more CESs.

But, as a teacher, I also make space for ongoing feedback and assessment. I create surveys (online surveys and interactive surveys like and provide in-class time to submit anonymous feedback, suggestions, and requests. For example, offering students a post-it on which to write what they would have me keep doing, what they would have me change about my teaching or the course, and a suggestion or request they have with a 'please.'

IMG_3597 2.HEIC

One of my favourite forms of feedback are the thank you cards, emails, and good-byes I get at the end of term. I have included three from 2020 in these pictures. All of them are used with permission.

During my first term teaching at Camosun College, I went through an evaluation process that is standard for every new instructor. The process involves a self-evaluation, student-evaluations, and a peer-evaluation. I have included my peer-evaluation, by Michelle Jaworsky here.

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