There is no recipe for connection.
Parenting and Teaching requires reflection.

I began supporting people in parenting and teaching by passing on books after a chat in a playground. Often, after I deliver a talk at a community event or school, parents and teachers email me with questions, stories, concerns, and triumphs. Listening and reflecting with others in an approachable and empathetic way is something I am committed to doing. Parenting is challenging; I often remark that we weren't meant to raise kids alone in condos. Teaching is a social practice and yet we often feel isolated. Community support is helpful in both.

During a consult, I do not make a 'do and do not' list on how to teach or parent in a way that I think is best. Reflection comes from each of us. Your goals, and your relationships with your child(ren) or students, are unique; you are the expert in your own experience. My role is to listen and help assess the connections and disconnections between your goals and your practices.

I believe in the power of stories; an educator I admire once recounted one of his students saying, "We come to share, not to learn." We will come together and share our stories, listen for what is really being said about our goals and our practice, and make a plan together.

Consultations can be one-on-one, with partners or other supporting people, with or without kids. I am also open to living room speaking engagements. If you have a group of like-minded parents or teachers, a parenting or educator book club, or another event that you'd like to invite me to, I would be happy to attend, present on a topic, or simply join in on your conversation.


Please contact me for further information and on fees (sliding scale) and availability.


This is a self-regulation space at The Farm Playschool that I designed and work within.


Praxis and Reflection

Letting Go & Letting In

Parenting for Connection

Transformative Inquiry for Teachers

Parenting as Political

Teaching Resistance

Self-compassion and Empowerment


Compassionate Communication

Leadership Development

Non-Violent Communication

Storytelling & Narratives


Some of the toys and materials we use for self-regulation at The Farm Playschool.