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As a member of the University community, the Faculty of Education, and the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, I am involved in committees and serve as a graduate advisor.

These roles are important to my own personal and professional growth, and they are also a way to give back to the field that has given me so much.

Decolonization, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee

Co-Chair (November 2022)

Member (April 2022)

The Decolonization, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee [DEDI] serves the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria. I serve as co-chair (beginning November 2022) and, together with the other co-chair, plan and book monthly meetings, create and share an agenda, take and share meeting notes, and chair meetings. The DEDI committee aims to create and implement a department specific DEDI Action Plan focused on actionable initiatives to further the UVIC Equity Action Plan and Strategic Goals as they relate to DEDI.

Teacher Education Program Renewal Committee

The Teacher Education Program Renewal Committee is a group of faculty across departments in the Faculty of Education. We focus on steering the renewal of the Teacher Education Program through a series of outreach activities that include stakeholders in teacher education outcomes. We aim to create Design Principles that will guide the renewal of the program we offer teacher candidates.

Member (November 2022)

Graduate Advisory Committee

The Graduate Advisory Committee is a group of faculty and graduate students who meet to discuss the graduate programs in Curriculum & Instruction and take up any challenges or needs of students or faculty.

Member (January 2023)

Graduate Supervisor & Committee Member

I am a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and currently co-supervising my first graduate student in the Curriculum & Instruction MA program with the guidance of an experienced faculty member. I am also a committee member for another MA student in Curriculum & Instruction and a second reader for an MA student in the School of Public Administration. 

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