Speaking Topics & Workshops

Making Connections through Storytelling

My speaking events and workshops are always tailored to the audience and comprises of an interactive presentation with storytelling and audience participation as well as a period for questions and discussion.

I have been hosted at a parenting conference, academic conferences, book fairs, community events, preschools, public and private schools, and in living rooms with a few interested caregivers. Contact me to discuss topics, the interests and needs of your group, and availability.

The programs below can be adapted for new or veteran teachers, ECEs or daycare teachers, camp staff and recreation instructors, as well as parents. Fees vary, contact for details.


‘Those kids can’t handle their freedom’: Overcoming barriers to teaching kids Self-Regulation

Sometimes we confuse ‘well-managed’ for well-regulated and misbehaviour for stress-behaviour. When vulnerabilities creep in, we face common refrains of “It’s too much work!” or “If you give ‘em an inch…” or “Those kids can’t handle their freedom!” Come and learn about Self-Regulation and the Stories distracting us from our goals. 


Time: 90 minutes

Tools: Slides, handouts

Self-Regulation in Schools: A Practical Check-Up and Professional Check-In

For any educator on a self-regulation journey. Explore your current practice, your long-term goals, and find some comradery with other educators who are learning and growing their self-regulation skills and resiliency. Let’s take the pulse on your practice, examine your process, and share challenges as we move toward reframing and re-vision. 


Time: 3 hours

Tools: Slides, handouts, room to move around, it helps to have a classroom to explore


Moving from Time Out to Time In: Reframing discipline and committing to connection

Every parent or teacher flips their lid sometimes. We know that yelling doesn’t work and we sometimes feel at our wit’s end when it comes to alternatives. We feel anger and we feel shame. How can we work through tough moments with the kids we care for, or better still, how can we reduce the need to discipline. This workshop tells the story of discipline, and the tales that tell us it works, and explores when it doesn’t and why. From praise to bribes, ‘be careful’ to ‘criss-cross apple sauce,’ we discuss the goal of teaching kids to be independent, caring, and thoughtful and the conflicting pressure for compliance. 


Time: 2 hours

Tools: Slides, handouts, sound/music, other props. 

Letting Go Parent Empowerment

Praxis and Reflection

Letting Go & Letting In

Parenting for Connection

Transformative Inquiry for Teachers

Parenting as Political

Teaching Resistance

Self-compassion and Empowerment


Compassionate Communication


Mindfulness is My Superpower: Reducing Stress and Building Resiliency for Teacher Empowerment

Teachers are often viewed as superhumans. This a can lead to burn out and challenge our efforts to be the teachers our students need. Explore mindfulness and self-regulation strategies to help reduce stress and build resiliency. Increase connection and focus, and take home energy at the end of the day.


Time: 2 hours

Tools: Slides, handouts, sound/music, other props. 

“A Praxis of Letting Go: Parenting with reflection for a deeper connection & empowerment”

Every parent and teacher aims to encourage their child(ren) to grow into the type of people the world needs. Unfortunately, many of our practices, even the more ‘progressive’ approaches, undermine these goals. In this workshop, I begin by highlighting elements of a story we all know and live and encourage the audience to rethink the roles of ‘control,’ ‘compassion,’ and ‘connection’ in our parenting and teaching. By asking three questions surrounding power and systems, barriers and benefits, and solidarity and creativity, this process is about redefining our roles and not prescribing actions but rather leading ourselves through a process that encourages connection between our beliefs, practice, and reflection. Finally, I discuss how parents might encourage a resistance that is humanising for both children andparents/teachers.  


Time: 90 minutes

Tools: Slides, handouts, sound/music, other props. 

Introduction to Non-Violent Communication (Compassionate Communication)

In this workshop, we explore Marshall Rosenburg’s tools for overcoming communication that sets us up for disconnection and transforming the ways in which we see and hear ourselves and others so that we can be more compassionate and connected. This workshop is designed for parents, caregivers, and educators. Through storytelling and practice, come learn about how to keep connection during difficult moments, not just with children but within ourselves and with other adults. We explore the meaning and purpose of observations without judgement, expressing feelings and needs, and how to make requests with compassion. 


Time: 2 hours

Tools: Slides, handouts, sound/music, other props.